RaveMAX – Rave recovery supplement

I just happened to stumble upon RaveMAX – a supplement that is designed to cure a hangover after an intense night of raving. Sounds very promising! I only go to raves a couple times a year and there is always a hangover associated with it the next day. A rave recovery supplement sounds awesome!

Looking through the ingredients of the RaveMAX formula from the website (www.rave-max.com), it looks like the ingredients are well-thought of and it does offer a lot of vital vitamins that allows your body to recover after a night out. I’m just going to copy-paste the ingredients they have listed on their website.

Natural Ingredients

5-HTP: Serotonin boosting. Promotes a positive and balanced state of mind.
Vitamin B-6: Aids in the production of Serotonin. Also used in creating dopamine and melatonin.
Alpha Lipoic Acid: Prevents against neurotoxicity. Is also a very effective antioxidant.*
Vitamin C: Our Vitamin C is in its Ascorbyl Palmitate form which makes it fat soluble and lasts a lot longer than normal vitamin C and has better antioxidant properties.
Quercetin: Powerful Antioxidant. COMT and MAO-B inhibitor.
Green Tree Extract: Very powerful antioxidant that potentiates 5-HTP by converting 5-HTP into serotonin in the brain instead of in the stomach.
L-Theanine: Dopamine releaser. Enhances focus, mood, and memory.
Magnesium: Muscle relaxant. Minimizes muscle cramping.
Taurine: Neuromodulator, antioxidant. Help reduces muscle pain and accelerates recovery.

Looks pretty legit! I could definitely use RaveMAX every weekend when I go out to the bars or clubs. Will definitely try and make a purchase in the near future and I’ll let you know how it is!

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First Hockey Game

Went to my first professional hockey game last weekend! It was a blast and we got our tickets for $15 each. Our seats were great too considering the price of our ticket.



So far I’ve been to a professional MLB, NFL, and NHL game. My next goal is to go to a MLS game and an NBA game! I’m a big Lakers fan so I’m going to have to start saving money to buy a ticket one day.

On an unrelated note, I will be going to my first country show this Wednesday. I’ll be seeing Kip Moore at the House of Blues downtown. Never really listened to country before but I’m going with a bunch of my friends so it’ll be fun!

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Comedy Show

I’ve wanted to go to a stand-up comedy show for the longest time. I’ve always been on the look-out and it’s been no luck for the past couple of years. I’ve been somewhat content with watching them on Netflix, envious of those who were watching it live at the time. 

This all changed after I read an email from Ticketmaster.com

Saw this person’s name on the list and I couldn’t have been more excited. 


Azis Ansari

This guy is absolutely hilarious. I’ve always laughed so hard on his movie stints and in episodes of Parks and Recreation. He’s going on a tour right now and is stopping by San Diego! He is going to perform at the San Diego Civic Theater which is ten minutes away in downtown. Image


San Diego Civic Theater

The show will be on May 6, the Monday after graduation (which is coming up fast! 7 more weeks!). I like to think it as one of my graduation presents for myself from myself. I’m stoked. Can’t wait!

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Flex Date

GYRAD (Get-Your-Roommate-A-Date) is a typical hall event in PLNU. It’s also mostly done for the underclassmen and arranged by the RA’s.

So what happens when you’re a Junior or Senior and living in the Flex apartments?

We make our own party and have a Flex date with another apartment. We decided to dress fancy and have it at one of our friends uncle’s house who she’s house sitting anyways. Win-win. Super nice place, fancy looking people, and good company. It was definitely more of a success story than some awkward GYRAD dates I’ve had in the past.


“Alright guys, strike a pose”


The cooks



Kyle is ready


The crew! minus Ian


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Night Surfing

Swell has arrived. Super stoked. 

Went surfing – too crowded. Not so stoked anymore. Asked the question: How do we escape from all these crowds and surf quality waves?

Well, our only option was night surfing! I’ve done it a couple of times at the Cliffs and conditions couldn’t be more perfect! Clear skies, half-moon, stars everywhere. So me and my buddies decided to go to the best wave that Sunset Cliffs has to offer. Usually during the day it’s always packed. But what about at 11 PM?

We were walking at the beach at night and we could actually see our shadows from the moonlight. We could kind of see if waves are coming by seeing a dark line coming to us. We judged how big it is by how thick and dark the line was. Once we’re up on the wave, the lights from the sky and the buildings on the cliffs helped illuminate the wave and we could ride it perfectly fine. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun! And to end it we all went and got burritos, which is always the food of choice after a surf session. 


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The best way to start a semester

Gotta love California. Went snowboarding at Snow Summit over at Big Bear Lake and the next day went surfing over at Sunset Cliffs.
Has to be the only place where someone can snowboard and surf on the same day. It’s on my bucket list.


The Crew!



My whole face was numb at this point. Too cold for me.


Big Bear Lake


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What my life would look like after Finals week

What my life would look like after Finals week

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